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Some find it easy to resist while others are lured into the seduction. “Forbidden Fruit” tells a story of those faced with temptations and depicts the outcomes that could arise.

Jaxon and Victoria haven’t been married a year when temptation knocks on the door, causing friction in their marriage. Will they be able to resist the urges of playing with fire or will someone get BURNED? Nadia and Brent who recently got married, are experiencing problems in the bedroom, will those problems cause one to stray from the marriage and fall into the arms of someone eagerly waiting to please?

Jasmine has long awaited the man of her dreams, but what will she do when she finds out the man she desires is the ex-lover of someone dear and close? Will she indulge, be LOYAL, or just miss out on love? Chad, a guy who is known for being THE other man, has become careless with his indiscretions, will his careless ways cause him pain and grief? Joni, a woman who likes to have her cake and eat it too, prefers dating the unavailable, but will she risk it all once she gets a taste of the forbidden?

See how lives are changed once choices are made and secrets are revealed. This sultry and seductive stage play is full of passionate drama and gratifying comedy that will keep its audience sitting on the edge of their seat anticipating more. How can something so GOOD be so BAD for you, find out...

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