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The Man Behind the Drama – J.Lee Productions

I’m sure you have heard of J.Lee Productions and its suave and intelligent originator, J.Lee. But if you haven’t had the fortunate opportunity to get to know him, here is your chance.

He is a talented black man who not only spends his days teaching our children of tomorrow, but he also entertains us in dramatic form. He addressed what happens when karma comes to collect with the play “No Good Comes to Those Who Do Wrong” and exposed how love can make a mockery of us with “Everyone Plays the Fool.” These are only two of many J.Lee plays that tackle personal issues the average person encounters.

He is also the creator of the “Black Love” documentaries which take an intimate and diverse look into African-American relationships. One would think he should either be exhausted or satisfied with his catalog of work. But after spending a Christmas holiday alone, he decided to write and produce independent films like “What Do the Lonely Do for Christmas?” His most recent film “The Murderer” is being featured at the Crossroads Film Festival. Although he finds this a glorious accomplishment he is still in the infancy stages of his success.

By: Rachel James- Terry for The Clarion Ledger

I had the opportunity to make J.Lee sit still for a moment and talk to me about his gift. His relaxed and personable demeanor immediately made me comfortable and I morphed into the home-girl down the street instead of the serious interviewer I planned to be.

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