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                 J. Lee Productions is back and this time with a film adaptation of its first stage play “No Good Comes Those Who Do Wrong”. Revamped, revised and renamed “KARMA”. It is far from the stage play that toured the state of Mississippi almost six years ago. Written, Directed and Produced by J. Lee, he took the stage play and made it fit the big screen by adding new twists, new characters and much more drama. Filmed over the course of three months in the capital city with Mississippi actors and actresses, “KARMA” is filled with many surprises and tons of life’s lessons. It focuses on the toxic relationship between Dre & Kelly and depicts the results of domestic violence and shines the light on the adverse results of what happens when you knowingly wrong another.

“KARMA” will take its viewers on a journey that will keep them guessing and wanting more. Some believe that what you send out into the universe has a direct correlation with what you will receive from the universe.


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