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           BLACK LOVE is the underlying force that keeps the African American community together, and in the times of struggle and strife it’s all we have. Yet so many African Americans find it hard to obtain and maintain. To continue the conversation on Black Love, J. Lee Productions will release the third installment to series entitled “BLACK LOVE III”- The Blind Date Edition. “BLACK LOVE-III” will look closely into the dating scene in the African American community and expound on various relationship issues that some are facing. J. Lee Productions has gone the extra step by setting up willing participates with blind dates; the results will intrigue and inform you on what the dating scene is really like in the African American Community leaving you on the edge of your seat. “BLACK LOVE III” will also be composed of a wide array of viewpoints on love, relationships, and offer true testimonies from single, dating, married, and divorced individuals. ”BLACK LOVE III” allows African Americans the opportunity to share their stories about the LOVE they have, had, or can’t find. It’s J. Lee Productions sincere hope that this documented piece will help individuals in the African American community identify contributions to a healthy relationship and/or create a tool to educate those who are experiencing difficulties in finding and or keeping a significant other.

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