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Kyndel learned her longtime boyfriend Cameron had been cheating. Not knowing whether he was sleeping with a man or woman, she felt it best to part ways. In the short film “What Do The Lonely Do For Christmas” Cameron’s lover was revealed, but he abruptly ended his side relationship the moment he realized he was still in love with Kyndel. Is the lustful relationship between he and his secret lover truly over or has it just begun? It seems that everyone knows who Cameron’s lover is except Kyndel. In “REVENGE” will she remain in the dark or will the truth reveal itself. And if she finds the truth, will she seek revenge or will she be the only one left hurt?

Kyndel and Cameron’s friends all play a vital part in how the of story of “REVENGE” unfolds. Shevon has vowed vengeance and she does the unthinkable to obtain it, but will she hurt herself by trying to punish those who caused her pain? Kerri fell in love with a liar and deceiver. Will she retaliate or move on? Amelia being the woman she is never chances the opportunity to have a “good time”, but will having a “good time” cause her friends pain?

Jon Williams is still dealing with the lost of who he thought to be the love of his life. Will he move on or will he seek to hurt the one who hurt him? Adonis has become irate with the notion of always being the good guy. In his eyes the good guy never wins. What he does to lose this image will shock everyone. Tony, “The Tiger” is ready to come clean with the truth, but when this truth is revealed who will be hurt and who will be set free?

“REVENGE” tells a story of truth and faith. It tackles social topics such HIV and sexual transmitted diseases; ultimately illustrating how one night of passion can lead to a lifetime of heartache and pain. It is a true testament to the saying “one must walk by faith and not by sight.” In true J. Lee fashion, this action packed stage play is filled with drama, comedy, and twists that will keep its viewers wanting more.



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