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In relationships everyone has experienced it- the act of being a fool. Being guided by feelings and emotions and not by the reality of a situation, being so wrapped up in your feelings that you only see and hear what you want. J. Lee Productions new hilarious stage play “Everyone Plays The Fool” brings the fools to the stage and will have its viewers wondering who’s fooling who…

Ira the overworked fool, has been married to Sheena, the confident fool, for over four years, their marriage is tested once he finds out the foolish things his wife has been doing while he’s been at work. Will their marriage be able to stand the foolishness or will it end all wrong? Sheena’s sisters Tamya and Mariah have their share of foolish drama. Tamya, the confrontational fool, vowed never to be a fool again has just began dating Tyreek, the weak fool, after meeting him on a social network. Will the lengths that Tamya go to prevent becoming a fool make her a fool or force her to miss out ona good thing? Nevertheless things get a real foolish when the truth comes out.

Mariah, the naive fool, has been dating Mekko the conceited fool, for two years and created her own reality of the way she perceives things to be and once she finally see things for what they really are will she be able to handle the truth or be driven to do something foolish? Then there’s Jasmyn, the fool in love, who is engaged to Chance, the drunk fool- as their big day gets closer, secrets are revealed, but will these secrets prevent them from saying I do or will the two fools live happily ever after?

In true J. Lee fashion things aren’t always as they seem, be sure to see who’s really fooling who…

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