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Everyone knows that Christmas is a holiday spent with family, friends, and that special someone, but what is there to do if you don’t have a significant other? “What Do The Lonely Do For Christmas” will take its viewers through the lives of the lonely and loveless, showing how they cope with being single during the holiday season. The funky breathe Adonis, has always had a hard time getting a woman, but he is determined not to spend this Christmas alone, what will he do to ensure that he doesn’t have a silent night? Jon, the businessman by day and lover by night, is having a hard time wrapping his mind around being alone for Christmas, will this lonely Christmas drive him over the edge? Tony, the undeniable ladies’ man, has never been too big on holidays, but will someone or something change that this year?

The loveable Kyndel, finds herself spending her 1st Christmas without her longtime boyfriend Cameron,. Their torturous relationship just recently came to a crashing end when Kyndel found out about his infidelity. What she does to fill that empty void in her holiday could change her life forever. Her friends Kerri, Shevon, and Amelia all have their share of holiday issues. The naive Kerri wants so desperately to be in love by Christmas, but will her desperation bring her misery or happiness this holiday? The saved and sanctified Shevon believes Jesus is the reason for the season, but she secretly longs for earthly companionship. How far will she go to obtain it? Then there’s the free spirited Amelia, she knows she’s been a very naughty girl this year, but will her mischievous ways interfere with her getting what she wants the most this Christmas?

Christmas would not be Christmas without a little holiday drama. And things take a dramatic turn once secrets are revealed and the truth begins to unravel.

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