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           It’s a dreaded question that no single person likes to answer, but is there really a true answer to this question? Does one really know why they’re alone? J. Lee Productions newest stage play “Why Am I Single” explores the different reasons and justifications as to why many say they are single. LaShundra, the self-sufficient woman who has her own, has been single for quite some time, feels she’s single because men are intimidated by her independence, but is this the real reason why she’s single? Kerri, a recent college graduate, assumed she would have met her future husband in college, feels she is being forced to be single because she keeps running into trifling men, but is this the real reason why she is single? Amelia, the self-proclaimed female exhibitionists has chosen a life that frees her of any ties and obligations to anyone or anything. She feels she is single by choice, but is this the real reason why she is single? Then there is Adonis, the good guy who always finishes last, he feels he is single because he hasn’t met a woman of his standards, but is this really the reason why he’s single?

         “Why Am I Single” also depicts the biggest struggle that a single person must endure, “to settle or not settle”. Is it possible to settle and be happy? Should one settle to avoid being single? Is it probable to be in a relationship and still be single? Cameron & Kyndel  have been together ever since college and three years into their relationship, their lives have taken them in different directions. She completed college and now works for a Fortune 500 company, while he dropped out of school, only to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. They come to a cross roads as truths and secrets are revealed. This dynamic stage play gives a profound and realistic look into single life and with the use of drama and comedy it is guaranteed to entertain and offer life lessons.

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