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                                                                                                                                              J. Lee is an award-winning playwright,                                                                                                                                                             filmmaker and director who started his

                                                                                                                                              career in Jackson, Mississippi. In addition to

                                                                                                                                              being a playwright, filmmaker and director,

                                                                                                                                               J. Lee has also taken an active role in his

                                                                                                                                              community. In conjunction with Jackson

                                                                                                                                              Public Schools 21st Century Program, he launched the Performing Arts Rescues Kids Program, a program targeted inner city middle and high school students. Lee also received the 2013 Gentleman of Year Award for his professional and community accomplishments.


Alum of Jackson State University, where J.Lee spearheaded his career as a student. He debuted his first production with the critically acclaimed play, "Dangerously in Love”. Soon after graduation, enthusiastic about his body of work and talent, J. Lee developed a vision. This vision would be the beginning of J. Lee Productions. 


His first major production, "No Good Comes to Those Who Do Wrong" debuted in the summer of 2008 and toured the state of Mississippi. The stage play placed third for Best Stage Play in the Jackson Free Press Best of Jackson awards. J. Lee’s subsequent productions, "Why Am I Single", "Revenge", "Everyone Plays the Fool” and “Forbidden Fruit” also placed and won in the Best of Jackson awards. Lee’s short film, “The Murderer” was showcased at the Crossroads Film Festival and the International Film Festival.


Remaining consistent, J.Lee debuted his production, “What Do the Lonely Do for Christmas" to a sold out crowd at the historic Alamo Theater in the Farish Street District of Jackson, Mississippi.  Following the success of the film, J. Lee wrote the closing chapter to the "Single Saga" and returned to the stage in 2010 with the play "Revenge".


Following up in 2011, he released his first documentary entitled "BLACK LOVE". The overwhelming success of this documentary empowered Lee to follow up with the sequels, "BLACK LOVE II" and "BLACK LOVE III".  Each installment takes a deeper look into relationships in the African American community. The “Black Love” series have been screened at film festivals, colleges, and universities all over the state of Mississippi.


Returning to his alma mater in 2011, Lee’s fourth stage production, “Everyone Plays the Fool” became an official event for the 2011 Homecoming Week activities at Jackson State University.


To further expand and explore his opportunities, Lee relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to take advantage of the opportunities offered in film and entertainment business. He wasted no time capitalizing on this market introducing the dinner theater. This niche market proved to be a huge success for Lee, selling out every show. 


J. Lee has continued to make contributions of his gifts and talents to inner city children, by exposing them to communications and technology assisting them with understanding that there are multiple roles that can be sought in the entertainment business. His most recent accomplishment was a DocuFilm entitled, “Straight Outta Sylvan,” based on the faculty, staff, students, and community of Sylvan Hills in South Atlanta, Georgia. Lee’s work exposes the viewer to the active engagement of the staff and students of Sylvan as they matriculate through their 1st year in their new state of the art campus. Showcasing students achieving great heights in academics, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. Removing the lens of controversy; from school turnaround and massive turnover. Lee captures the essence of the hard work that goes into what it take to create success in urban schools.


J. Lee credits God, his family, his team and the community for the success of J. Lee Productions.

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