J. Lee Productions Presents A Night in the Park

J. Lee Productions is proud to announce a partnership with Jackson Public School 21st Century in servicing Whitten Middle School, Peoples Middle School & Wingfield High School during the summer with a performing arts program that will focus on dramatic arts. J. Lee Productions believes that the arts can save our students from the ills of the community which prompted the company to name the program- P.A.R.K. - “Performing Arts Rescues Kids”. Art programs are an essential part of a child's education; they make youth more innovative, creative, and better critical thinkers – vital skills for the 21st Century.

The P.A.R.K. Program would offer students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to participate in theatre experiences in order to develop confidence, leadership, team building skills, and a greater sense of self and community. It is J. Lee Productions sincere hope upon completion of the P.A.R.K. Program that the students will become well rounded, productive leaders who are able to offer multi-faceted solutions to community issues through the use of arts and communications. A showcase from the program will be held on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at Powell Middle School.

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