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J. Lee Productions Reveals The Cast of KARMA

J. Lee Productions is back at it!

You may remember the company’s first stage play No Good Comes To Those Who Do Wrong that premiered almost six years ago. J. Lee has since revamped and revised the show, giving it the name KARMA and a totally new cast. The cast was revealed at one of Jackson’s hot spots and several locals came out to show their support and excitement.

The film revolves around the toxic relationship of characters Dre and Kelly and depicts the results of domestic violence. The production was filmed over the course of three months in Jackson and we’re so excited to see the fruits of all of their labor!

The new cast includes:

Terryal “Teezy” Thomas as Dre` Nicks Danyelle “Danylove” Love as Kelly Montgomery Dominique “Nikki” Reed as Kimberly Montgomery Amia Edwards as Jade T. Lewis April Myers as Amelia Jackson Chanda Edwards as Jocelyn Newman Jesselynn Jenea` Stegall as Shayla Matthews Yancey Oatis as Max B. Moore Mario Tolliver as Clint Davenport Kerry Thomas as Courtney Gray Martin Simms as Troy Nixon Rena Monk as Hope Nixon Erykah Burton as Rebecca Payne

KARMA is set to premiere August 31, 2014 at the Jackson Convention Complex. In the meantime, check out photos from the cast reveal event below.

By: Jessica Simien for


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