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J. Lee Named Best Filmmaker in the 2014 Best of Jackson

J. Lee is name Best Filmmaker in the 2014 Best of Jackson-

Celebrating its six-year anniversary in May and wrapping up its 10th production led to an exciting year for Jackson-based media company J. Lee Productions. The short film "The Murderer" also showcased at both the Crossroads Film Festival and the Mississippi International Film Festival. "I was honored to be among a variety of different filmmakers within the state of Mississippi and the national field,” writer, director and producer J. Lee says.

Jackson native Lee started writing in middle school and always dreamed of starting his own production company. "J. Lee Productions has always been my brainchild," he says. "I wanted to start my own production company where my work could come to life. One of Lee's favorite film favorite project is "Black Love," a three-part documentary about the intricacies of romantic relationships within the African American community.

"We try to make sure that all the productions are things that people can relate to-- real life experiences that can offer some type of message or give you some insight into something you may be going through," Lee says.

Having hit his stride, J. Lee plans to release another film and play in 2014, and venture into other markets throughout Mississippi and other states.

J. Lee Productions' Forbidden Fruit won Best Stage Play (2nd Place) & J. Lee Productions was named Best Theater Group (3rd Place)

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