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J. Lee Productions Celebrates Their Fourth Year Anniversary

Jackson-based production company, J. Lee Productions, celebrates its fourth year anniversary with a whole week's worth of its past projects. During the week of July 16-21, J. Lee Productions in partnership with the Russell C. Davis Planetarium will hold a week long screening of the entire J. Lee Productions catalogue.

So far the successful company has produced four stage plays, two documentaries, and one short film. They are celebrating with a week of events that are clearly paralleled to any film and theater festival in the nation.

The screenings will be held at the Russell C. Davis Planetarium which is located at 201 East Pascagoula Street, Jackson, Mississippi. The company is led by Jackson native and Jackson State University alum J. Lee.

J. Lee credits God, his family, his team, and the community for the success that J. Lee Productions has experienced and for taking the company to new heights. Finding his purpose in life, J. Lee now looks forward to the day when he can share his creative talents with the whole world.

The screenings will take place July 16-21 from 7:00pm- 9:00pm each night. Admission will be $5.00 per screening.

Tickets can be purchased at or at the door. For more information about J. Lee Productions please visit their website at

Screening schedule to include:

Mon- July 16, 2012- “No Good Comes To Those Who Do Wrong” (The Stage Play)

Tues- July 17, 2012- “Why Am I Single” (The Stage Play)

Wed- July 18, 2012- “What Do The Lonely do for Christmas” (The Short Film)

Thurs- July 19, 2012- “Revenge” (The Stage Play)

Friday- July 20, 2012- “Everyone Plays The Fool” (The Stage Play)

Sat.- July 21, 2012 “Black Love I & II” ( Documentaries)

By: Kyle Jarrod for The Examiner

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